Your Personal Gear

The Eddy Fins

The Eddy incorporates all the best characteristics of various scuba diving flippers into one.  It starts with a blade design including ports to allow for better propulsion and a foot pocket designed to fit a human foot wearing wetsuit or drysuit boots with a comfortable strap.

Good To Have ...

This is your lifeline underwater.

Breathe from your own regulator. Deep 6 Signature Regulator is highly recommended by scuba equipment technician, whether it is for recreational, or technical diving. 

Scuba Diving Mask
Scuba Diving Mask
Your 1st piece of dive gear...

Owning your own mask that fit your face = perfect dive experience because you see clearly and no more leaking mask ! 

Scuba Diving Mask
Scuba Diving Mask

"But when you own your gear, you can become very familiar with it, so you’ll know exactly what to do during an emergency."

"If your gear fits perfectly, you’ll be skilled and capable underwater, so you can focus on having fun, seeing marine life, and taking photos or videos. You’ll be safer, and you’ll be able to keep your buddy safer too because you’ll be able to act quickly"


Find your new fin.